Wenn das Leben dir Steine in den Weg schmeißt, lass sie links liegen, atme durch und geh weiter

TAG 1 – Wurzel-Chakra

DAY 1 – First Chakra: Base – or Root-Chakra

The foundation for trust and safety

Amazing, today day 1 of your journey starts!

Your base – or Root-Chakra

Your foundation for

  • Life energy and sxuality
  • Connection to the Earth and willpower
  • Basic trust
  • Relation to your body
  • Self-affirmation

Your healing experience in the 1. Chakra –

To bring order into disorder!

Disorder starts in your head, your control center where you collect every day new experiences to your memory. Useful questions bring order and clarity.


Salutary questions for the Root-Chakra

  • What wants to be seen and redeemed?
  • What wants to be brought to light?

Further questions, which you ask yourself throughout the day:

  • How am I right now?
  • Am I safe1? Do I belong here?
  • In which situation do I find myself right now (again)?
  • Do I feel the connection to earth?
  • Do I feel my body?
  • Can I perceive my breath?

Summary – Your daily ritual

  1. Take about 10 minutes time, create a special moment (lighten up a candle) and read mindful the PDF of the day.
  2. Notice your Root-Chakra how it is visible for you. Read the questions about the Root-Chakra frequentky and ket answers come –  free of judgment. Do not push anything. The answers which are coming are exactly the right ones.
  3. Take daily notes in your journal.
  4. Share your experience and insights in the Facebook Group.
  5. When you have questions send them by e-mail to info@atemreisen.eu.


I wish you a connected and rooted day!





Aufgehende Sonne