WE DAY 1 – First Chakra: Base- or Root-Chakra

DAY 1 - First Chakra: Base- or Root-Chakra

The foundation for trust and security

Great, today starts day 1 of your journey!

Your Base- or Root-Chakra

Your foundation for

  • Life energy and sexuality
  • Connection to earth and willpower
  • Basic trust
  • Your relation to your body
  • Self affirmation

Your healing experience in the 1st Chakra - To bring order in the mess!

Mess starts in the your control center, your head. Here all new daily information are added to your stored memories and experiences. Useful questions bring order and clarity.

Salutary questions for the Root-Chakra

  • What wants to be seen and released?
  • What wants to be brought to the light?

Further questions which you ask throughout the day:

  • How do I feel right now?
  • Am I certain? Do I belong here?
  • In which situation do I find myself (again)?
  • Do I feel connection to earth?
  • Do I feel my body?
  • Can I sense my ancestors?

Summary - Your daily ritual

  1. Take your time for about 10 minutes, make up a special space (light a candle) and read mindful the PDF (download it and print it out when you like).
  2. Sense your Root-Chakra how it shows up.
  3. Reflect yourself with the questions for the Root-Chakra on occasion throughout the day and receive answers - free of judgement. Do not force anything, the answers which show up are the right ones.
  4. Close this Chakra with a short ritual before you go to bed and breathe consciouly.
  5. Journal every day.
  6. Share your experience in the Facebook group.
  7. If there is any questions coming up feel free to contact me via E-Mail.


I wish you lot´s of fun with the exploration and interesting insights!




Aufgehende Sonne